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Policy Privacy

In order to maintain the site and to provide and develop future services, the university may collect and maintain information on the use of the web, to benefit from it in improving job performance and site content.

Please familiarize yourself with the privacy policy details on this page, and any further updates announced here, the university reserves the right to update the privacy policy if needed. To continue using this site means your acceptance of the privacy policy.

How do we use the information we collect?
Ammon Applied University College may use the information and analyses it to improve services. For example: through the use of Google Analytics the university can identify the pages and sites that are visited regularly. Ammon Applied University College will not maintain or include any analytical data with personally identifiable information, nor will it provide Information collected to any external party or a third party, all data is stored in the computers of the Ammon Applied University College only, and deleted in a timely manner.

Data collection:
We may collect the following information during your visit to the site:
1-Internet protocol address.
2-Required site address.
3-Local site address.
4-Data and time of page visits, information about the program, such as the browser used and the operating system being used, the address of your Internet access domain.