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Hotel Management Internship

Industry training is an essential ingredient of students’ overall development, regardless of course level or the anticipated career in the hospitality sector.

Ammon Applied University College of Hospitality and Tourism Education offers an internship program as a graduation requirement for all the AAUC academic programs where students are placed at either the AAUC on-campus training hotel (Century Park) or at one of the four- or five- star chain hotels in Jordan. This Internship provides students with the opportunity to reinforce and apply the principles and practices of the academic curriculum in a real operational hotel environment, where they can develop their professional expertise, improve their technical and analytical skills, and grow personally. In short, the internship enables students to consolidate two important features of the taught aspects of the course: the acquisition of technical skills and the integration of their academic studies.

The Internship is a cornerstone to AAUC’s curriculum. Therefore, students must spend their internship in the hotel’s operational departments (e.g. Front Office, Housekeeping, Restaurant and Kitchen), and the non operational departments (e.g. Marketing and Sales, Purchasing, Store Room and Accounting) in order to develop managerial skills needed to succeed in the industry. Each student’s performance is monitored and evaluated by his/her supervisor who assumes responsibility for training and completes a general evaluation form on the student’s competence, progress and attitude along with a specific evaluation form for every department’s head.

Purpose of Internship Placement

The purpose of the internship placement is to:

1.Develop individual maturity, self-awareness and confidence.

2.Provide structured, practical experience with the industry’s operations, customers and staff.

3.Consolidate skills learned during studies and understand the industry standards and the required levels of performance.